Thursday, 15 December 2011

Data warehousing for human Life - Contd...1

Most of the people asked an interesting, but the same question when they read my article,
How can you compare between individuals?
1. One set of people said, a decade or couple of decade ago we never had Google, Facebook, IPod etc...The life style had completely changed, how can you compare them?
2. Other set of people said 'how can you compare individuals? they are known for the diversity.'

Let me take a deep look at the first question:
At high level it seems it is very difficult and we say we can‘t. Let us take a closer look.
There is an old saying “CHANGE is the only thing that never CHANGES over time” and we are true, our life style changed over a period of time.
We have become more dependent on gadgets than our self
We are having more artificial engagement & entertainments at our disposal.

I remember, my dad use to multiply two four digit (1234 * 9876) numbers without using calculator and give me the accurate answer in less than 30 seconds. That was the power of individual brain 30 years ago.
My dad is not a PhD or some genius, he is just a diploma holder, who worked very hard for his living.
He used to say his father is more intelligent than him. That was the power of human brain couple of decades ago.
Can I do a two three digit (123 * 987) multiply. Nope!! I require a computer or a calculator to do that. Though I can do two digit multiplications (12 * 98).
Who knows our next generation may require the electronic gadgets to even do the two digit multiplication.

What is the reason for this huge memory drain, within a family generation?
Is it the new gadgets in the environment, or the food habits or the parents’ life style that caused this memory drain? 

Is it not true, we as an individual should know
  • How our life had changed after getting addicted to gadgets?
  • How our relationship changed with our parents, friends, Kids after using the instruments?
  • How my medical cost went up after the purchase of one or series of gadgets?
  • How our memory power had reduced over period of decades?
  • How my earning power had increased, health had increased over the period of time?
These types of questions can be answered if we have a data warehousing for our own life.
This type of answers helps us to retrospect our life. This will help us to re – organize our priorities, so that our kids will have the mathematical power of our father and the luxury of gadgets as ours.
By analyzing our self we can say, does the change happened over a period of time around me is good for my personal life? Or is it taking away the good from me?

Gandhi (Who is as called father of nation in INDIA) who is father of non-violence said “if you want to bring in change into the environment, you implement all the change to yourself before asking the environment to change”. Don’t this data warehousing for human life will help us to achieve those good things?

It is not required for a corporation to pour in billions of dollars to analyze these information’s. We can do it our self, by simple discipline in the data collection process.
Today’s technological advances have provided us the necessary tool to reorganize our self.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic this will help us to reach a common ground to redefine our own life.

Oops!!  I will answer the other question raised in the following post....

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